Creative Writing

The following are a few samples of my short stories that I’ve written. The short stories are mainly forms of non-genre fiction. Clicking on the titles will launch the files.



Lucy Wells, a young woman living in New York City is an orchestra director. Her group is preparing for what could be her most important     performance, but the stress of perfecting the second movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony is not the only thing causing her to struggle. After  being proposed to, Lucy must decide where her commitment truly    lies.


A small town diner gets a visit from one of its more frequent         customers who chooses to take care of her business, sitting in a booth with a complimentary slice of pie for their dining guest. With a pen and some paper, she gets to work on what she calls "Protocol".

Stained Glass Sanctum

After a series of murders, a town has a curfew in place. That, however doesn't stop a sibling duo. They don't stick around to hear the news of another murder in their town. Believing in his sister Frea's hunch, Theo follows her in hopes of keeping her out of trouble. What  was    expected to be nothing more than a stroll through town with no       unordinary occurrences takes a turn when the duo is faced with the    nightmare dwelling in their town.

Promise of Tomorrow

Life in Rhyolite used to be nothing out of the ordinary. The people were friendly and there was no tarnishing of people's reputations. As quiet as the town was, all of that changed when Charlie received news from his father that something was coming...and that something was the forecast of imminent destruction.

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Project Pentaghast: Cosplaying with Thermoplastic

This piece was to demonstrate the transformative nature in learning a new skill. As an avid cosplayer, I always want to continue improving  my fabricating skills. The story includes pictures and scenes         depicting the steps in creating something new, but also including     commentary  on the role of cosplay in my life.



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