Olga Ziminska | 23 | Freelance Writer


About Me

You may call me Olga. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a degree in English. Despite my major’s focus resting with creative writing, I am also proficient in forms of professional writing. Being cross-trained in these styles allows me to easily adapt to a wide range of work environments.

In 2001, I emigrated from Poland to the United States. That transition in lifestyle has had a great impact on my life, and it’s often one that keeps me from giving up on my writing. From an early age, I found my passion with storytelling, and learning to speak multiple languages has only become an advantage in my academic and writing career. In fiction, my own creative drive is what guides me in my writing with the hopes of taking my readers on the same fantastic journeys that many of my favorite authors have taken me on. To keep myself productive and working towards my goal, I have been keeping a story blog on WordPress. The Wells Legacy is now an internationally read blog with 100,000+ views.

Outside of my writing and blogging work, I also enjoy channeling my creativity through different outlets. When I’m not studying or busy working retail, I cosplay. I create costumes and can often be found at Chicago Comic Conventions. What I hope to accomplish with my degree and own personal interests is to combine my love for imaginative projects with my knowledge of writing for a variety of audiences.

By spreading positivity in the workplace, I believe that a business with a driven team can truly function efficiently.

Current Work

*Freelance Content Writing



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